Saturday, October 4, 2014

Redemption Release Date: October 11, 2014

Final edits have been made and Redemption is on its way for formatting, which will take a few days. After that, it’s on to Amazon! So, without further delay, the release date for Redemption is…Saturday, October 11!

The first three peopl...e to comment on this post will get their copy for free when it becomes available.

In all, I’m only about a month behind schedule. As I said before, Redemption ended up being about 20k words over what I initially projected and is a lot more involved than the previous books in the series, so my early time estimates were pretty futile.

I want to thank all of you for the support and words of encouragement you’ve given me throughout this entire process. I know it’s a clichéd statement, but I honestly couldn’t have done it without you all, and I truly hope Redemption lives up to your expectations. I’ve spent many hours agonizing over the ending, but after much thought, I decided to stick with the one I always envisioned for the series. I’m not big on happy endings, where everything is wrapped up in a nice little bow, mainly because they aren’t realistic. War changes people; life experiences change people; time changes people. Yet, with that said, I’m not one for bleak, depressing endings, either. To me, an author should leave their readers with a sense of hope for the future. I hope I’ve done that here.

I have a lot planned for the future. I’ll soon be working on a contemporary romance novel that I can’t seem to get out of my head, which should be released in 2015. I’ve also been asked to write a play for a local venue in my hometown for a performance set for April 2015. Finally, I have plans to expand upon the Enigma Black trilogy with a series of novellas based on some of the secondary characters because I can’t kid myself by saying that I’ll be able to walk away from it forever.

My goal is to have the entire trilogy available in print. I’m going to start on Enigma Black soon and will keep you updated on its progress.

As soon as Redemption is live, I’ll post the link on this page.

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