Thursday, February 10, 2011

Superhero Fiction the Next Big Thing? If the Big Guy Upstairs Loves me it will be...

Most call it science fiction; some call it speculative fiction, but in reality it's superhero fiction.  What's superhero fiction, you ask?  Good question.  Once considered soley for comic books, superhero fiction--and my genre of choice--is finding its niche in novels. This means that caped crusaders could be kicking vampires and werewolves off of  their pedestals high on the bookstore shelves soon, very soon. Soon, Enigma Black may have a market and I won't have to worry about how many agents are cringing at the word "superhero" in my query letter.  In the words of Mr. Burns..."Excellent."

Check out the following link for further details:!5715790/superhero-fiction-the-next-big-thing

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