Saturday, May 7, 2011

It's Official: My Blog Is An Award Winner...

Let me start out by saying that I've been completely blown away by all the support and encouragement between authors and aspiring authors alike through social mediums such as Twitter, Blogger and Facebook (to name a few).  Why I didn't become involved with these websites earlier in my journey, I'll never understand.  For all of you aspiring authors out there who have yet to join the Twitter community, I implore you to do so lickety split.  Trust me, you won't be disappointed.

This week I was honored to have received two blog awards from two very talented and downright awesome fellow bloggers:  Melanie McCullough  and Shawna Railey (click on these lovely ladies names to check out their blogs; they're a must follow for any aspiring author).

This first award was bestowed upon me by the uber cool Melanie:

Never has there been a time where I thought I'd win an award for style--my sweat pants and raggedy tank tops would concur with that sentiment.  Thank you Melanie!  This is quite the honor.

In order to fully be able to accept this award, however, there are a few obligations that I (as well as those I pass the award on to) must follow:

1. Thank and link to the person who nominated you.
2. Share seven random facts about yourself.
3. Pass the award along to 5 new-found blogging buddies.
4. Contact the winners to congratulate them.

Without further ado, here are my seven random facts:

1.  I wrote my first book in the fifth grade. While my peers were still eating paste and sniffing magic markers, I was a child savant--hey, it's my world, let me live in it.  Actually, In the fifth grade I read about a girl my age who'd just had a series she'd written published.  I can do that, I thought to myself.  So I set out on my first literary journey and, when it was all said and done, I had ninety-something handwritten notebook pages filled (front and back) with my first complete story--with illustrations, of course. 

What was this future bestseller about? Well, I'm happy you asked. It was a YA piece involving five friends (ages 16-18) who travel to Hawaii after one of them wins the trip through a lottery ticket she purchased (even back then I was concerned about accuracy as I knew at least one character would have to be 18 for this to even be remotely feasible).  I'm not sure why or how that story came to me.  Perhaps it was my goal to become an adult, travel to Hawaii and win the lottery.  But today I'm happy to report that I've successfully managed to accomplish one of those things (since I hate flying and am far from rich, I'll let you deduce which one it is on your own).

2.  I'd rather listen to a Justin Bieber/Paris Hilton duet in an  infinite loop rather than step foot on an airplane--Every time I set foot on a plane something goes wrong.  It never fails.  Whether it be the pilot asking whether there's a doctor on the plane, a landing that tosses passengers around like pinballs, or turbulence that's so violent even the flight attendants are terrified, I've encountered it all and have vowed never again--unless it involves signing a book deal. 

In fact, when I went out to visit my then boyfriend (now husband) in California, I opted to take the train cross-country as opposed to flying.  It was a 36 hour trip of which I got very little sleep and was constantly hit on by a 13-year-old but it was oh so worth it.

3.  A psychic once told me that I would one day be offered a four book deal with Penguin Publishing Company--I'm just hoping this happens before I turn 90 and forget what books even are. Seriously though, as each month passes, I consider more and more about asking for a refund. What's even more strange is that she even went so far as to tell me what colors each of the book covers would be: mustard yellow (eww), purple, green and blue.  The mention of the mustard yellow cover proves she has no idea what she's talking about.

4.  I have an unnatural fear of clowns--There is nothing funny nor entertaining about those make-up encrusted, floppy-shoed, red-haired nightmares.  John Wayne Gacy, anyone?  Just saying.

5.  When I was younger, I had a HUGE crush on Luke Skywalker--And this my friends is where my descent into nerdom began. It took me a while--I didn't even know what Star Wars was until I was in middle school--but after I found it I was hooked.  While others gushed over Han Solo, I found myself incredibly infatuated with Luke Skywalker.  Maybe it was the whole being a Jedi thing or his skills with a lightsaber (I'll leave that alone), but there was just something about Mark Hamill.  Today, I'm proud to say my tastes have evolved away from fictional characters.  Peyton Manning, anyone...


6.   I'm a proud Army Wife--My husband and I have been together for nearly six years .  Of those six years, we may have spent 1/2 of it in the same zip code.  To say the least, being an Army Wife is rough.  To give you an idea of how rough it is, during his last deployment, I got to know a group of four other Army Wives pretty well.  Of the five of us, only two of us still remain married with the others having called it quits during the deployment.  We're now facing another deployment later this year that could last as long as 18 months--to a country where his cousin was killed three years ago.  It's been rough and challenging at times but I wouldn't trade it for the world.

Please ignore the hair and wicked sunburn.
My pasty Irish skin can only handle so much UV exposure

7.   I love ketchup on macaroni and cheese--This habit has garnered numerous stares and commentary from those around me.  The bottom line is that I find plain mac-n-cheese just that: plain.  Adding ketchup to it gives a zesty, far more appealing taste.  Try it, you might like it.   I also find mustard on pizza rather tasty.

Now for those ladies I'd like to pass this honor to:

1.  Shawna Railey  I don't think you've been awarded this one yet ;-)

Please click on these ladies' names to check out their blogs. They're outstanding!

This next award was given to me by the hilarious Shawna Railey (seriously, her post about Oprah is one of the funniest I've ever read).  On top of stylish, I can now add versatile to my blog's growing collection of adjectives.  Thank you, Shawna!  :-)

This award comes with the same requirements as the prior one.  Which means, by the end of this post, you all are going to know more about me than even I do.

Seven more random facts about me (without the lengthy descriptors this time):

1.  When I was in elementary school I embraced my inner entrepreneur by entering into the business of making fake ID's for my classmates (with the use of note cards and plastic wrap).  At ten cents a pop, I was rolling in coin.

2.  Being a Michigan girl, I say "pop" instead of soda, cola or Coke.  Those in other states unfamiliar with this vernacular have often thought I was asking to be socked in the jaw.

3.  I'm most at peace when sitting near a body of water--with the exclusion of puddles and swamps.

4.  When I was in first grade my dream was to become a cartoonist for Disney.  However, those dreams were quickly shattered when I realized possessing actual artistic talent is required of a cartoonist.

5.  If I could change one thing about myself it would be my lack of self-confidence. Too often I've compared myself to others and felt as though I've fallen way short.  It was only recently that I realized this is a form of self-destruction and, in order for one to be successful in life, that habit must be nipped in the bud.  Still, there are times when my feelings of inadequacy consume me and, in turn, I consume a pint of Hagen Daaz.

6. What I'm about to reveal is blasphemy in the girl world:  I hate wearing shoes.  All shoes--heels, flip-flops, tennis shoes etc.  If I can go without wearing them, I do.

7. I'm convinced my Prius is the most indestructible vehicle on the planet. Since leasing it a year ago, I've been rear-ended twice, have hit my cousin's car (oops) and have had a near death experience with a curb without so much as a scratch on my bumper and only minor damage to my wheel.

Okay, I'd like to pass this award to the following fellow bloggers:

1.  Melanie McCullough

2.  Nicole Ducleroir

3.  Steph Hightree

4.  Everett Powers

5. Katherine Krige

Thank you again Melanie and Shawna!  To the rest of you, congratulations and enjoy!

(I swiped this from Shawna)---Award winners: On the off chance you're techno-challenged like me, you can post your award on your blog, just right click on the picture here and "save picture as." If you're on blogger, from your dashboard go into 'design' and 'add a gadget' and download the picture. 


Melanie_McCullough said...

I don't think we should write that psychic prediction off just yet. I am committing the Mustard Yellow Book Cover part to memory. Watch, when you're published, it just might make perfect sense.

Also, thanks for the award. I really appreciate it!

sycamoremeadows said...

Thank you so much for the award (and kind words)!! As if my head wasn't big enough already!! I tried to give my husband my autograph last night but he wouldn't take it. (No common sense). I do agree with Melanie, tho, and the psychic could still be right. Besides, mustard yellow isn't SO bad!! :) I didn't realize how much you and I have in common. Besides the clowns, and the BSC loving, and the flying, and the early-age-book-writing, and water lovers lacking self-confidence, I too am writing about SF and superheroes!!!! Kinda creepy...or really cool!! :) I'm so glad we met and thanks again for the award!! I'm going to go show it off right now! :)

Sophie Li said...

*waves* Congrats and I think you're not alone in being afraid of clowns ... they are a little creepy no?

PS-For whatever reason I'm having trouble adding your blog to my blog list. Have you heard of a problem like this before?

Sophie Li said...

PS - No need to post this comment but I figured it out. Had to replace the 'http' portion with 'www' weird. Great blog btw love to pick your brain about being paralegal if you have the time. Im going to school to be one! :)

kkrige said...

crud, stupid word verification. I always forget & leave the page before filling it out & lose my comments. Argh!

Anyway, just wanted to say thank you for the award. I am pondering what interesting tidbits to share about little ole me. Keep your eyes peeled to see what I might have to say!


Sara Furlong-Burr said...

Melanie-I'm trying to stay positive. However, I don't think I'd ever be cool with mustard yellow. I've always had an aversion to yellow in general. Then again, if I were honestly offered a book deal, I think I would be in too much of a state of shock to care about what color my cover was.

Shawna--Awwww I'm glad we met too. ;-) What are the odds of meeting another girl who writes sci-fi/superhero novels? Are you sure we weren't separated at birth? I tell my husband all the time that he should be nicer to me because I'm going to make it big one day. He just rolls his eyes. No respect I tell ya.

Sophie-Hello! It's very nice to meet you and thank you for the follows! I sent you an e-mail on Twitter with my info! I've actually checked out your blog before and LOVED it. It made me feel quite inadequate. LOL.

Katherine--I do that ALL the time. It's incredibly frustrating. You're very welcome and I'll anxiously await your answers!

Sophie Li said...

LOL! I dunno I think your blog is pretty awesome sauce ... you had me at daytime Paralegal!

Stop by sometimes and become a blog minion, say hello, do a little dance, ... oh sorry that's a song.

Anywho, thank for the info I will be dropping you a few words very soon! THANKS!

~Nicole Ducleroir~ said...

Thanx for passing this award on to me! You are the sweetest. Hope you're having a great weekend. ((hugs))

Steph said...

Yay! Thanks for the award!

Sophie Li said...

PS - Stop by and grab your goodie! :)