Sunday, April 17, 2011

From Page to Stage-Water for Elephants

As I get ready to fire up the Kindle to read Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen, I feel compelled to post the trailer for the movie (in theaters in the US this Friday, April, 22).  Not since my teenage years have I felt so giddy to watch a film.  I've not read the book yet, but I've read a synopsis and, if it's half as good as the movie trailer makes it appear, it should be one phenomenal piece of literature  (my own book report to follow shortly).


Unknown said...

I'm planning on reading Water for Elephants as well. I'm not going to see the movie until I do actually.

Can't wait for your review of it.

Sara Furlong-Burr said...

Thanks Megan! I'm going to try to get to it this week if I can stay off this pesky blogging and other social networking sites. :)