Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Writing for Your Livelihood

In our modern world it seems almost inconceivable that one would have to literally sing for their supper.  Unfortunately,  that's exactly the dire predicament being faced by Missy Jones and her family.  After scrimping and saving to purchase their new home, the Jones family settled in the quaint town of Colon, Michigan (yes, that is really the name of the town).  However, their American Dream was short lived.  Unbeknownst to them, the Jones family had been sold an illegal mortgage and the meager payments they were once able to afford skyrocketed into the stratosphere.  This story illustrates not just the economic cesspool Michigan has become but the height of corporate greed, corruption and downright fraud infiltrating our country.

Now faced with foreclosure, and apparently one to turn lemons into lemonade, an ever resourceful and multi-talented Missy wrote a song based upon the curveball life has unfairly thrown  her and her family.  Her song is entitled "Don't Cry",  and was written, performed and produced solely by Missy Jones.  "Don't Cry" is on sale at I-Tunes for $0.99.  As a fellow writer, I implore you to check out Ms. Jones' music video attched below as well as her family's aggravating story at:  WWMT .

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