Monday, March 14, 2011

Gov. Rick Snyder = President Brooks in my novel, Enigma Black

Oh Governor (Rep. MI) how you are the prime example of life imitating art.

Anyone who knows me knows that I'm a Democrat.  This is a fact that I've known and have been proud of since the eighth grade which is a miracle since I was raised in a highly Republican household and ever frustrating since I've somehow found myself married to a Republican.  However, I like to think that I'm different than most of those who pick a side in that, if there is a Republican candidate that I feel would be better suited for the job, I'd suck it up and vote for him or her. That was the case with Rep. Rick Snyder.  Even though I didn't end up voting in the last election (which is a shame because it sounds like all Michiganders are going to be stripped of this right very soon) I still felt he was the best candidate or the job.  Like the rest of the flock, I bought into the whole "One tough nerd" campaign with the belief that he was prepared to fight for the "little man".  My oh my, how a matter of only four months can alter your once indelible perception of reality. 

In Enigma Black, President Carver Brooks uses the threat of The Man in Black and the fear of society to benefit his own agenda creating a dystopian society.  It appears, if the below video is any indication, that the same is happening now in Michigan with the budget crisis.  After all, we here in Michigan have been so battered by our craptastic economy that we wouldn't mind giving up our most basic of rights, right? 

Yes, Michigan is, in fact, screwed.

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