Much to the chagrin of literary agents and to the delight of aspiring novelists everywhere, Amanda Hocking has proven what many once thought impossible: astronomical success through e-publishing.  With e-publishing through mediums such as Nook and Kindle available at a click of the mouse, agents and publishing companies are nearly becoming obsolete.  Don't get me wrong, success of Amanda Hocking proportions is not common, which is why it's so news worthy.  In fact, many who choose to go the unagented, self-published route find themselves garnering little, if any book sales at all as agents truly have the expertise, knowledge and connections in the industry.  However, in the age where trends are becoming more important than substance and agents are becoming more selective with their clientele, many aspiring novelists are finding frustration with the industry and, in essence, are flipping them the proverbial bird through successful internet sales.

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