Thursday, March 3, 2011

When a conjunction=hilarious

Even though I feel completely juvenile while doing it, this picture makes me laugh more than Kim Kardashian's singing.  This is an example--in my humble opinion--where the use of a conjunction to begin a sentence makes the whole thing that much more hilarious.  Come on, you have to admit that the use of the word "meanwhile" makes the entire caption.  If it just read "in my mothafuckin (is that one word???) bathroom", the entire thing would be rendered nothing more than a sight gag.  The use of "meanwhile" gives the whole caption that much more depth and substance (okay, I'm reaching on that one).  It makes you wonder what the hell else is going on;  where she got the gun; why she felt compelled to photograph herself in the crapper with it; and why was she in such a hurry to do so that she couldn't have taken the mothafuckin rollers out of her hair first?

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