Sunday, March 27, 2011

Scenario #78,784 In Just One of a Million Ways the Twilight Movies Would Have Been Better

Anyone who knows me knows that I'm neither a huge fan of the Twilight movies nor Stephenie Meyer's writing.  Any writing that is critically acclaimed but of which is also riddled with grammatical errors, just rubs me the wrong way. Perhaps, it's our fault and not the fault of Ms. Meyers (who's laughing all the way to the bank) that something so mediocore could be so popluar. In my opinion, her writing is all about selling a product at the compromise of quality and not so much for the love of the written word (hence Midnight Sun).  I know my writing is not perfect and I have a lot to learn, but I really resent the fact that Meyers is now publicly reviewing the work of other writers--work that is far more superior than the Twilight Sighga.  With that said, Meyer's books, as unintentionally laughable as they sometimes can be, are far more captivating than the movies based upon them. 

One of the major reasons behind that is none other than the casting of Kristen Stewart as Bella Swan.  I've wanted to like her acting, I really have, but the more I see of her, the harder it becomes. 

In the new movie Sucker Punch (of which I have not seen but have heard poor reviews), the lead character is played by Emily Browning.  Emily Browning was the first choice to play Bella Swan, however she turned it down.  Either Ms. Browning is repetitively kicking herself or she's laughing, along with the rest of us, at the absurd acting and horrible plot line her name could have been attached to. 

And now it's time for me to duck and cover from all the Twihards out there...

Link to Browning in Sucker Punch:


Megan Conway said...

I'll admit that I enjoy the story behind the Twilight novels, but I will agree that there are MANY grammatical errors now that I think about it.

When I first read them, I wasn't paying attention to anything of the sort, but now that I have been writing for a year, I can't believe I missed them. It's lazy writing on Stephenie's part and, well, lazy editing on the editor's part, which is NOT good. It's like the editor didn't give a damn.

In my opinion, this "franchise" has gotten out of control. I'd originally thought the movies were good. Not sure why. I think I might have been delusional or maybe it was the mental state I was in at the time. NOW, well, I still watch the movies; it's nice to have a laugh once in a while, but now I realize they are horribly made and acted movies. If they had taken the time to produce them, there's a chance they could have been better, but they chose to only take 2 months to film resulting in crap movies.

Okay, that's enough of my rant. Just my opinion and I'm sure if Twihards read this, they would chew you out. I know that because I WAS a Twihard.

- Megan Conway

Sara Furlong-Burr said...

I completely agree with you. For the movies, they just covered up the horrible scripts and bad acting with a bunch of pretty faces to distract the audience.

Yes, the editing is scary. And to think, it was done by a professional at Writer's House. It makes me happy now that they rejected my query, lol.