Thursday, March 24, 2011

Some Lighthearted and Positive News Stories for a Change

Because the news is full of crap that I just don't care to read about (especially with a husband in the military), it's good to see Yahoo posting some cute and inspirational stories for a change.

Denver the Guilty Dog

My dog pretty much does the same thing except she trades the whole teeth thing with hightailing it under the kitchen table as she knows I'm not going to follow her down there to admonish her.

Another Amanda Hocking Ebook Triumph

Although I'm not thrilled that Amanda Hocking decided to sign with a publishing company for a two million dollar deal after she became a self-made millionaire with her ebooks ALL ON HER OWN, I still have to give her big props.  It's just irritating that agents and publishing companies are so stuck on the bottom line that it takes success that they didn't create in order for them to stand up and take notice of a new, talented author. 

Good job Amanda, you deserve all the success:

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