Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Warning: This Post Will Take Four Minutes of Your Life That You Will NEVER Get Back.

In the last few years--around the same time Paris Hilton became famous--I've come to realize that it doesn't take much talent at all to become recognized.  Actually, it seems like the more mundane you are anymore, the more famous you become (I'm looking at you K-Stew). 

As I am one for examples, I have provided one for your viewing displeasure below.  The song is called "Friday" by teenage singer Rebecca Black and, as Time so eloquently stated, it takes on a whole new level of bad. 

For me, I particularly enjoyed the rehashing of the order of the days of the week; a lesson that most of us learned in Kindergarten.  Thank you, Rebecca.  I almost forgot that Thursday came after Friday, that Friday was followed by Saturday and that Sunday came afterward.

However, amongst that invaluable grain of information, a true gem in the video emerges in the form of the quasi-Usher who makes his debut.  Afterall, what craptacular music video DOESN'T have a rap sequence????

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Kendra said...

I paused it after minute one. Honestly, this is what passes for talent these days? Man, there is hope for me and my fledgling literary career after all!